Managing Volunteers Course

The Big Story Trust has identified a specific need to develop and provide training in the recruitment and effective management of volunteers. We have developed a course that helps leaders of voluntary organisations have the tools to enable them to invite, include and involve all of its members in the work of the separate organisations. It introduces them to practical ways in which they can recruit, support and reward volunteers at different times and stages in their lives. It will introduce principles and practice of effective volunteer management and translate them into practical strategies and processes for organisations. The course is divided into six topics which will be recruitment, training and supporting volunteers, affirming and rewarding volunteers, developing a culture of participation, mentoring new leaders.

Please contact us here if you would like to book a course.

Here is what people have said about the course:

"At the beginning I was rattled, but began to see you were helping me to uncover 'baggage' that would impact on the rest of the day. Thank you."
"Said what it did on the tin"
"Great to have practical training rooted in Biblical foundations and truth."
"Such an amazing course. Challenging and informative with such a wealth of practical advice to take away. All from a very wise experienced and engaging presenter."
"I thought I was coming to sit and listen but it was so much more than that! Very interactive, practical, lots of space to think and be challenged."
"Today has been fantastic, informative, fun and really helpful. Nathan is a great communicator and teacher and I'm taking away lots of practical and inspiring wisdom and advice."
"First rate - thank you."
"Thank you for a very interesting day - LOVED the amount of discussion and general style of the day."
"Brilliant book and loved the teaching style."
"Loved Nathan's clam approach to presenting this."
"Brilliant - it made a lot of sense."
"This has been time well spent - real encouragement affirming what we are doing - helped with sorting our priorities."
"A course which tackles many of the important strategies and practicalities of recruiting and motivating volunteers."
"A very enjoyable and though provoking day."
"An excellent course which should be made available to all the newly ordained or those in training for the ministry of God."
"Nathan is a warm enthusiastic communicator who will help the church to grow."
"Very practical"
"Challenging and encouraging material delivered clearly, with plenty of opportunity to apply to my own context. Thank you."
"A challenge to stop doing everything myself and to challenge my congregation to explore their baptism commitment."
"An excellent workshop, full of practical suggestions and backed up with solid biblical insights - thanks so much!"
"This course has helped me reflect on volunteering as a ministry of the baptised."
"Bespoke, practical and inspiring tools that will help me and our church encourage participation and fulfil our mission."
"Thank you for an engaging and accessible course, delivered with humility and humour."
"One of the very best day seminars when it comes to working in leadership in Parish ministry"
"A thought provoking day that resulted in an action plan being taken back to my church to support a ministry and encourage volunteers."
"Valuable opportunity to stand back and reflect."
"The planning sheets are very helpful to enable thinking through questions, particularly the levels of involvement."
"I have learnt how to create a culture of participation."
"Excellent speaker and material with additional information online."
"Great to discover fresh thinking about changing the culture of the church."