Where have we been, where are going?

So we are one year in. 


One whole year of getting this show on the road.


I write that and I realise that this is not entirely true so the idea of this first blog is to explain where, how and why ‘The Big Story Trust’ came about


As with all great things, it started with a lot of late night talks over good food with good people and plenty of prayers that's how great ideas are born right? This idea was born many years ago and has been influenced by many people that have been, and still are in our livesover the last ten years. So much has happened in that time that it's impossible to write about it all without boring you all, but enough has happened to have shaped us as a couple and then as a family to work out the path we have been given and how to get started. 


Nathan is the doer (is that even a word?) in our family - he is the one that makes things happen. He thinks an awful lot, but does amazing things without most people even knowing. He has a natural talent for being able to share the Good News with people - people who are all on different paths and different journeys. He is able to speak people personally without maybe knowing them personally (I have only ever met one other man who has the ability to do this - his name shall be G-Man and I’ll write about him another time). It's freaky, but in a good way. Nathan is a social activist and his passion for people shows in his everyday life and the changes that he brings about in the world


Nathan has a unique way of being able to combine his mind-blowing (some say leg-shaking) magic with preaching the gospel – a perfect match right? Well this is the first aim of ‘The Big Story Trust’ - to go into schools, workplaces, churches, youth groups and universities and share God’s gift. Then there is the training side of ‘The Big Story Trust’. Nathan loves being able to guide and encourage people and has done extensive research on church growth. Based on this research, he deliverstraining to church leaders about managing volunteers.


Then you throw me (Kayleigh) into the mix with my passion for mission and my zest for travel and I think you have yourself a pretty good cocktail! I love people, I love people watching, I love meeting new people and love seeing them in their own environments and just being' with them. Being able to be with people is something that I want to be able to do far and wide! I want to be able to bring something to someone else’s life in the same way that others have brought that something to me.



Fast-forward to April 2017 and we performed our first magic show together at the Arts Café in Walderslade - oh my life what an experience that was. That was one of the first big moments in which we saw ‘The Big Story Trustcome alive. We have since delivered training and performed shows to over 600 people. 


In the future we have lots planned. We have gigs booked that we’ve been doing for years and we plan to expand and reach out to meet more of you and do what we love doing best. This is exciting. This is awesome. This is something that is going to grow and grow and we feel so blessed to have been given this mission. We are graspingit with both hands, encouraged by the people we love the most and inspired by a God who we know has His plan for us firmly in hand.


If you have gotten this far and want to know more please do get in touch we would love to hear from you.